Random compliments…

So I have started a ‘compliments book’, in which if I ever receive a compliment regarding myself or my parenting, I have to write it down in an effort to feel better about myself.

So far it has a compliment from my therapist (duh) and a few from my husband (double duh). A task I took on with an eye roll is proving pretty worthy right now.

That was until this afternoon!

Walking along the high street, pushing the pram whilst dictating to mine and a friends toddler about which way we need to go. As every toddler seems to do when you’re in a rush, they were dragging their feet and swinging about without a care in the world. I was starting to get very frustrated by constantly having to screech behind me ‘COME ON!’ ‘THIS WAY!’ and other such words of encouragement. I see a lady approach me, bracing myself for some evil eyes or snide comment as the girls are now jumping over cracks in the middle of the pavement, stopping anyone from passing them.

However, I was shocked when she instead cooed over the girls, calling them very adorable, I smiled. Then she said “I can imagine how frustrating them dawdling must be for you, you’re being so patient!”Eh what?!

I certainly wasn’t feeling patient, however this lady taking time to reassure me was so lovely, it immediately put me in a good mood. So much so that we spent the rest of our walk playing monsters and dinosaurs, meaning the girls ran excitedly and we were on time for once!


19 thoughts on “Random compliments…

  1. I think every body in this world has their struggles with themselves and it’s so nice to be reassured that you’re doing great and you’ll be fine πŸ™‚ I love the idea of a compliment book, thats genius to look back at and remember all the good things ppl say about you instead of the bad


  2. I think it is only natural to struggle with yourself but you are doing amazing don’t you worry not everyone can run an amazing blog and parent as well. I love the idea of a compliment book because it means you can go and read them when you are feeling down.

    Charlotte x


  3. I’m one who is always complimenting others as I know how much impact it can have on the person’s mood and rest of the day. I love the idea of your compliments book! Might steal that idea myself πŸ˜‰ xx


    1. It’s definitely hard to push the negativity to the back of your brain, I’m trying so hard to do that though, and this week has been a lot easier being able to look back at the good things I’ve done instead of the not so good! x


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